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what we do

We seek to go beyond the on/off concept, as we all are and live in a hybrid way

Excellent Support

Data and performance team, account managers and real-time support.

Reliable Experts

Experts on Programmatic Media, Marketing and Media Professionals.

Endless Possibilities

We combine the power of Mobile, Games and Programmatic DOOH.

Unique Technologies

We are the biggest DSP of geolocation media in Brazil (all capitals).

We are the biggest DSP geolocation media in Brazil, all capitals.

We are present in more than 800 cities and all Brazilian capitals. We have more than 46 thousand screens.

Who We Are

Our pDOOH Screens

We simplified the buying process, making it faster and with metrics. This way, your brand can be more present in the different micro moments throughout the customer’s journey.

Campaign Simulation

Do you have a brief?

Contact us and we will simulate a campaign with OTS and reach metrics for you!

Who We Are

Our Digital Products

Boost your pDOOH strategy with our digital products and discover the power of geolocation media.

Boost your pDOOH campaign with mobile geolocation activations.

Place your brand within some of the main games and consoles on the market.

Connect your brand with your target audience through the power of digital audio.

Our proprietary analytics software that presents real-time consumer data.

Who We Are

Our bebot Playlists

Our bebot playlists represent a new way to understand the audience’s non-linear paths on the streets. With the playlist, you can use the screens that fit a specific profile behavior, using dynamic optimization every hour to reach your target.

bebot playlists

Want to know more about bebot Playlists?

Get in touch with our team of bebot commercial executives

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Our Customers

More than 80 satisfied customers. A true partnership is a two-way street, with creativity, and technology, based on a combination of mutual respect and trust.

With bebot’s data and their DSP you can understand the behavior and relevance of the context.

Ane Lopes

Marketing Branding and Communication Director at Claro Brasil

We need partners like bebot, that provide us with data and that We can cross-references with.

Lica Bueno

CEO at Talent Marcel

We are in this world of data and I see this wave of ooh… The OOH brings returns, once it comes and goes, in this giant wave.

Hugo Rodrigues

Chairman McCann Worldgroup for WMcCann, Aldeiah., Craft

bebot has the mission to leverage the more accurate segmentation enabling our clients to connect with their target doesn’t matter where, when or the size of the screens.

Anderson Santos

Founder & COO at bebot digital

bebot was born from our desire of being the best strategic partner for companies in their different needs.

Violeta Noya

Founder & CEO at bebot digital
Reach over

Million people around the world.

Media in

Countries and 4 Continents

bebot is present in 4 continents and 12 countries.

your campaign displayed in more than 800 Brazilians cities, including all capitals and more than 46 thousand screens, in different contexts.

Your campaign displayed in cities all over 8 countries, such as: United States, Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador, Chile, Peru, Colombia, and Paraguay.

Your campaign being shown in cities across Spain.

Your campaign being shown in cities across Malaysia.

Your campaign being shown in cities across South Africa.

Who We Are

pDOOH Full-Stack Solutions

bebot is not just about technology, it’s about behavior. We use the most advanced technologies to impact your target audience more effectively. We have different modules that, when working together, bring new insights, transparency, and security to your campaign.

partnership program

JBP - Join Business Partners

bebot has a partnership program between agencies and advertisers, with countless advantages for both. Such as the possibility of having a cheaper CPM and access to special packages throughout the year, as well as exclusive training, events, and international travel programs.

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Our Partners

We work with the best partners and screens. In 2024, bebot has more than 110 publishers and more than 46 thousand screens. Below are some of our partners.

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    São Paulo, Rua Purpurina 198, 2º andar, Conjuntos 22 e 23 – Vila Madalena, São Paulo, Brazil

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